Question about Pedigree dry food....

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Question about Pedigree dry food....

Postby victorgrant » Tue Sep 19, 2017 6:48 am

Its took me about 5days to wean Milo onto Eukanuba food, and hes had a few fully dry meals

But yesterday, we went to the vet and recieved a free complimentary puppy pack, it included booklets on how to look after a dog, training, obedience, illness, diseases etc.., and also had some treats, some wet meat and a big box of Pedigree complete dry food!
I opened it, and gave Milo one to try, and he absolutely loved it!
He couldnt get enough, he kept checking my hand for more and more, and he eventually had a meal out of it!

My question is, the Pedigree food is very impressive in my eyes, with what it says on the back, and the way is presented.
But some people have told me its not good, because you can buy it from practically any good shop, and thats apparently not good for a chihuahua

On the back of the box, it explains how they want to help puppies grow into healthy strong adults, with nice clean strong teeth etc etc
And also tells you about the things inside the food, like vitamins, calcium etc

But Milo loves it, so what should i do?

Thank You!!!

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