adidas summer shoes

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adidas summer shoes

Postby pure » Wed Jun 06, 2018 8:36 pm


We’re officially adidas summer shoes on the back end of 2016 and with this comes the next offering from Adidas, the Alphabounce. The Adidas Alphabounce is lined up to be the next big thing from the sporting giant so I managed to grab myself a pair!

Firstly these adidas air cushion shoes are a lot different from the Ultra boost range, they are bigger, heavier and come with a whole range of new technologies and materials. I’m not going to go into all the details today but what you need to know is that these are designer for a firmer, more comfortable fit. The pair I purchased have a very interesting pattern over them, not too dis similar from the Yeezy Boost Turtle Dove colourway, the pattern blends from the body to the sole which gives a great effect.

Unlike a lot of adidas shoes new style Adidas sneakers these days these are not primeknit but something thicker and smoother – the only object I could compare it to would be like a wet suit (to touch). They fit true to size and do feel very comfortable to wear, not as liberating as an Ultra Boost but certainly up there. The shoes feature some great details, the bright yellow inside the heel pull and the subtle silver Adidas logo on the back.

These certainly adidas Alphabounce are a standout pair of sneakers mainly because they look so unusual, which I really like, if the black and white pattern isn’t to your tast you can get 4 or 5 other colourways from Adidas but this colourway is now hard to find. This is a first version release and will be the start of something big in my opinion, do try and get a pair if you can.
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